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Old Pig

Da Margaret Wild Ron Brooks,
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Old Pig and Granddaughter share everything, including the chores, until the day when Old Pig says "I have a lot to do. I must be prepared". Granddaughter knows that her beloved Old Pig will soon be gone -- but her love and memories will still be there. This tender, softly illustrated story of love and loss will comfort children dealing with death for the first time.


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Sanburn Philomina

This book teaches an important lesson in life, in a beautiful way! I would recommend it to all from young to older.
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Allanson Manzay

A sweet and tender look at a sad yet inevitable circumstance, the death of an older loved one. Lovely illustrations, and the subject is dealt with very delicately. Doesn't discuss what happens to someone after they die, so it's a nice opener for that conversation, and doesn't push any beliefs.
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Liv Sitzman

I received a copy of this title from Allen & Unwin for review.

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A grandmother and granddaughter pig share their days and nights in a comforting rhythm of chores, food and play. When grandmother pig begins slowing down, the two confront together the spectre of a final goodbye.

Muster up the motivation because...

This 20th anniversary edition classic children's tale is almost achingly poignant in places and deftly broaches that hardest of topics, the death of a loved one. As it becomes apparent that Grandmother Pig is facing her final days, the two pigs take solace in spending time together and appreciating the small, simple things in life and the rhythms of each day. While death isn't explicitly mentioned, it is obvious that the book is about leaving and leaving behind. The final illustration, featuring granddaughter pig on her own is awash with hope, and allows the reader to leave the story on an uplifting note. As much as this story would be a useful tool in gently opening up discussions with young readers about reality of death, it is also a celebration of a life well lived and the connections that we make with those dear to us. If this book doesn't tug at your heartstrings and make you appreciate the small moments of joy in the mundane, then you must have a colder, stonier heart than even I do.
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Naamana Roylance

Wild writes a beautiful story supported with pastel shade illustrations by Ron Brooks about bereavement.

I really enjoyed the granddaughter going over routinely things she did with her grandmother- which is usually a good step to help get over grief. Ideal for both young children new to grief and may help the odd adult.
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Lewes Adamaitis

Just when you think someone had started something new, Margaret Wild is there to show you she had gotten there first. Much in the same vein of In montagna but with a grandmother and granddaughter, Wild and Brooks come together to tell the story of death and the passing on of the mantle of life and happiness.

Grandmother and Granddaughter pig have lived well in their home. They have had the hills, the lake, their garden and the local community to make them happy. They have always looked after one another too. Yet a moment comes in their pleasant life when Old Pig realises her time is up. Much to Little Pig's tearful frustration, Old Pigs heads into town to clear her debts and pass her money onto her granddaughter. Then, together, they spend a whole day appreciating all the beauty that the world has to offer - this is so beautifully done. Finally, with roles reversed, Little Pig helps Old Pig to bed and plays her music until she has passed. The final spread sees a very happy granddaughter looking out across a lake, reminiscing perhaps but certainly content in her memories and future.

A stark illustrative contrast to John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat, Old Pig is awash in beautiful ink and watercolour spreads brimming with colour and life. It is a book that celebrates a life well lived and in graddaughter's acceptance we understand that death can be as much about new beginnings as it can be about treasuring memories.

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Joiner Lonero

When I first opened this book, I flipped right to the end. I didn't want it to be true, but it was: the last page shows granddaughter pig standing all alone in front of the gazebo. Where did her grandma go?

It's a little depressing that some of Old Pig's final actions involve money -- withdrawing it, using it to pay off her bills, and giving the rest to her granddaughter. It's so pervasive, it's even seeped its way into sappy children's books about dying pigs.
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Holly Castelo

Read this for a writing course.

This book was mentioned in a writing course I’m currently doing, so I bought it today. It’s a very sweet, somewhat melancholy, children’s picture book about Grandma and Granddaughter pig and their last day together. The beautiful prose is complemented by the delicately drawn illustrations. If you’re looking for a picture book to help a child deal with a terminally ill grandparent, this is perfect.
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Warchaw Wanamaker

A sweet story about Grandmother Pig and her granddaughter facing the inevitable separation when the grandmother dies. A gentle musing on preparing for the loss of a loved one. I do not like the pictures, they're too whimsical for the subject matter, but I still recommend the book if you're looking for something to help young children deal with loss and grief.
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Janey Wigle

Oh my. Beautiful book. Lovely illustrations. Buckets of tears (by me.) Gentle story of loving, getting old and saying goodbye.

Highly recommend, but warn it will be very emotional for any adult involved in reading it. My seven year old read it to me and I cried. In good company with “Cry Heart, but Never Break” and “I’ll Love You Forever.”
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Mauricio Crilly

This beautifully written and softly illustrated tale will gently help children deal with the loss of a loved one. However, what makes it unique is how the story is also a celebration of life and the beauty of loving and sharing that life with someone else. Old pig and her granddaughter share their days with a well established pattern of sharing the chores and joys of life together. Then one day Old pig does not feel well and does not get up for breakfast. Yet the next day, in a loving act showing tremendous generosity by one who is dying, Old Pig leaves everything in place for her granddaughter as she prepares not only herself for death, but also prepares her granddaughter for her death by showing her one last time the beauty of the earth and their life together.

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Damal Rodan

A touching story about Old Pig and Granddaughter. They shared everything, chores, meals and life. Old Pig took ill and knew her death was coming soon. Before she died, she wanted to feast, not on food, but on life. This is a sweet story that can be used to help young children prepare for a loved one's death.
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Peter Tallarico

Granddaughter Pig loses her grandmother. I read this at work; one of the kids brought it to me and asked me to read it. I had no idea what it was about when I started but about halfway through I got it. I was shocked and the kid I read it to did not get it. I would say just make sure the child you read this to or give it to is old enough. It is hard to know how to rate this.
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Gautious Newmans

If someone you know is old and about to die, then this is the book for you! It's about a young pig living with her grandmother. The grandmother senses she is about to die and sets out on her last "feast of the senses" with her granddaughter. And in the end, she dies, but the granddaughter - while sad - learns to deal with it.

Okay illustrations.
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Goth Romeno

It is a story about a granddaughter and the time she spends with her grandmother before her grandma dies. They know she is going to die soon and they just prepare and enjoy their time together now. Good book for kids dealing with this same thing.

Libro illustrato
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Shaylynn Bridgeman

OH HELL. This book had me crying by the end of it. What a wonderful took for the loss of a grandparent who has either died or is in the dying process.
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Jacinto Cooper

This picture book is a story about death. It was okay just to read, but perhaps would be a good book to read to children to prepare them for the death of a grandparent, etc.
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Marr Vuono

This book is quite sad, but it is good to share with students who may need to learn how to deal with a loved one who is dying. (Choice)
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Gardel Helf

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Old Pig by Margaret Wild is a very emotional story about Old pig and Granddaughter who've lived together for a very long time. They've taken care of each other and have enjoyed their days. As Old Pig has gotten older, she's unable to do as much as she used to and becomes more tired day by day. Granddaughter learns to cherish every moment she has and to pay attention to all the beautiful things we are given here on Earth.

This is one of the most emotional books I've read by Margaret Wild and it sends a compelling message about loving and learning how to let go. The illustrations by Ron Brooks have an artsy feel to them and say so much...

5 *****

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